Want to join the Poole North Scout Group?

Join as a Young Person

Think You're the Wrong Age Group?

Poole North Scout Group has sections for people aged 4 to 18.

Worried About Bullying?

Our community is very accepting of different cultures, races, religions, and identities; so no matter who you are, you can join!

What is Scouting All About?

Scouting gives young adults the skills necessary to be independent, and supportive of diversity.
But it also gives young people experience of nature, old techniques, teamwork, and much more.

Interested in Volunteering?

What is Volunteering All About?

Volunteers deliver the teachings of Scouting to many young people across the globe.

Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteering in Scouting gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment that only teaching young people can give.
This is the perfect position for retired teachers and parents alike, it will help to fill up free time so you can stop twiddling your thumbs and start inspiring young people!